Warm Up Exercise Blog

June 3, 2015

Warming up is a crucial part to every musicians practice habits. Whether this be scales or technique exercises it is very important to give yourself time before you begin to dive into pieces to simply get warmed up. Guitar lessons, piano lessons and vocal lessons all share similar technique and warm-up exercises that enable our bodies to begin to be ready for intensive practicing. Summer camp at Rock School is a great way to meet and study with other players who can share their knowledge of such exercises. Since I have started giving guitar lessons in St. Louis in 2014 I have come across several students whose ability to play certain exercises differ. Therefore it is important to find which wamp ups are appropriate for you. Here is a short list of my favorite guitar warm-up exercises.


  1. Intervallic scales
  2. String skipping exercises
  3. Warm up excercises (1234,1234 up the strings and down)
  4. Slur (hammer on and pull off) exercises.

This blog was written by Rock School instructor Matt Maher