VOICE LESSONS: Proper Breathing Techniques for Singing

May 12, 2015

VOICE LESSONS- Proper Breathing Techniques for SingingEvery vocalist should know how to breathe correctly, protect their vocal chords, and find correct vowel placements. Breathing is one of the most important things to be mindful of when singing. Be sure to breathe in by expanding your rib cage outward. Creating this space allows you to take bigger breaths. Your breathing determines how steady your notes are. Even though you might feel a need to push out the notes with your throat remember that your vocal chords are only there to create the sound. Straining your throat can damage your vocal chords. Lean on your breathing for power and correct pitch. Also, the way you shape your mouth has a great impact on the tone of your voice. Learning correct vowel placement helps with keeping your breath in one place and creating a fuller sound. Most of the time, changing the way you sing a vowel can improve your ability to match pitch.

Your voice, just like any other instrument, can lead to an endless amount of musical possibilities once you develop an understanding of how to use it correctly. Taking Voice lessons is a great way to discover those possibilities and explore your voice’s potential. Here at Dave Simon’s Rock School, lessons are offered to all ages and skill levels. Children as young as 6 learn to sing their favorite songs while training their ear to match pitch and follow rhythm. The more advanced vocalists explore more complex modes and scales. Whether singing is a profession or a hobby, developing healthy habits will impact the way you sing. Remember to breathe in by expanding your rib cage. Make sure to not strain your vocal chords by pushing out notes with your throat. And lastly, find the right vowel placements for those hard to reach notes. The more you develop these basic elements the easier it will be to sing.