Virtual Lessons

Rock School goes Home School

Virtual Music Lessons now available!

During these uncertain times, it’s important that we give our kids and ourselves something positive to be doing during the day. It’s easy to catch yourself binge watching an entire series or endlessly scrolling through Facebook posts looking for some hope. Creating structure in your day and having a positive, creative output is vital for all of us.

STL Rock School is now offering ZOOM Cloud Meeting lessons! This is a great way to give yourself the flexibility of learning from home!

Fill out the contact form so our owner Jared can reach out to you to ensure that your rock star is placed with the right instructor. It’s so important that your student vibes with his/her instructor, so let Jared help you pick the right person!

Virtual Lessons

  • I give permission for STL Rock School to contact me by email and SMS

If you’re looking for something fun to do, we’re posting fun games & challenges on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s try and give our students some semblance of normalcy during this time. We’re here to help!