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Do you want a life-changing experience? There’s no reason for music to be dull and boring. STL Rock School will make you and your child fall in love with music all over again. We offer band, camps, and lessons that make playing an instrument fun and easy, building confidence in your family’s superstar. St. Louis’s locally owned music school will give you the confidence you need to succeed in both music and life!

We will contact you shortly to discuss your options and find the best program for your child.

STL Summer Camp (Ages 7-18)

Our summer camp bring rock ‘n’ roll dreams to life. Join a band, write songs, take lessons and perform in a concert.

Kidzrock (Ages 4-7)

Is your child interested in music, but you’re not ready to commit yet to an instrument? Have him/her experience the thrill of performing in a rock band! Kidzrock is a nationally acclaimed music program that teaches ages 4-7 how to play an instrument in the setting of a rock band. Students in Kidzrock learn how to play drums, electric guitar, and keyboards as they prepare to play in a real rock concert! The fun rock band format and performance helps kids fall in love with music and feel good about their abilities. REHEARSAL TIME: 1 weekly 45-minute rehearsal.

Intro2Band (Ages 7-11)

Remember spending a month just learning about finger positions when you took lessons? The objective of Intro2Band is to get kids up and playing music in a rock band on day one. This allows kids to experience the ultimate thrill of playing in a real performing band. How’s that for awesome!

Rock Band (Ages 11-18)

Think of the music you listen to…Does it sound like a person all alone in his/her room? NO! Why not? Because bands have formed the backbone of modern music! So why should you learn music by yourself? A student can expect their musical skills to grow by leaps and bounds once they are placed in one of the schools performing rock band programs. Plus – You get to play LIVE IN CONCERT at a local venue! Your child will be on stage at Blueberry Hill, the Old Rock House, the Ready Room, and more!

Lessons (Ages 7-Up)

How did you learn piano? Did you go to your teacher’s house and learn scales and exercises? Did you play the music you were listening to? STL Rock School has re-imagined the way that we teach music so you or your child love to play. By using a combination of modern music and traditional music theory, you’ll learn using the music that you love. There’s no reason to pull teeth – you can learn music theory from any genre of music! Now, this isn’t like going to the guitar shop where all you’ll learn is songs. You’ll still learn the foundation of music that will set you up for success, but you’ll do it in a way that connects you to the music you love.



We hope you find this information to be helpful. We will contact you shortly to discuss your options and find the best program for you or your child. Feel free to reply to this email or call us with any further questions.