STL Summer Camp 2024: A Day In The Life

March 27, 2023

STL Summer Camp 2024

Finding a summer camp that teaches music can be an excellent way for children to grow both emotionally and socially. Not only can campers discover new musical talents, but they can also create long-lasting friendships with their bandmates. After a long school year, children often crave social interaction, fun, and new experiences, and our STL summer camp provides a fun and unique opportunity for campers to play in a rock band and develop their musical skills.

STL Summer Camp 2024 STL Rock School 1305 Baur Blvd Olivette, MO 63132

Music has always been a powerful tool to connect people, transcending language and everyday personalities. It allows us to communicate on a deeper level and brings us together. Whether someone is outgoing or shy, music has the ability to help them socialize better. It also provides a sense of inner peace and allows for creative expression and fun. Learning to play an instrument and playing in a band can be a great way to let go of life’s pressures and reconnect with one’s body and mind.

We have all heard about the numerous studies that prove how music can enhance one’s mood, improve emotional regulation, and even increase IQ in young students. Therefore, we strongly believe that all summer camps in STL should include musical activities to help children develop their social skills, encourage curiosity, enhance their communication, and unleash their creativity to the fullest!

  • develop their social skills
  • encourage curiosity
  • enhance their communication
  • and letting their creativity grow!

These skills are not just valuable to musicians; these are skills that help your child get ahead in everyday life!

A Day In The Life: Of STL Rock School Summer Camp

At STL Rock School, we provide a unique experience compared with other summer camps in 2024. Kids can interact with new friends through the power of music, where they learn to play an instrument, join a rock band, and play in a rock concert – all in one summer!

STL Summer Camps 2022

When the campers arrive, they spend time with their fellow bandmates, getting to know each other and meeting their camp instructor for the session. Then, they head to the band rooms where they learn some of their favorite songs. Even if they are beginners on their instrument, they are encouraged to participate and learn how to play. After band practice, all the students enjoy lunch together, followed by outdoor playtime and other music-related activities. At the end of the day, there is one more band practice to fine-tune the camper’s skills. And that’s just one day of camp.

It’s no wonder our campers learn to play music so well!

We are proud to be one of the best STL summer camps around by teaching children the joys of learning to play music and be creative. It is a place where students can play in a rock band, make new friends, and learn the music they love. You can sign up for our STL Summer Camp 2024 sessions here!


  • Rock band and music lessons for ages 6-18. All skill levels are welcome, whether your child is a complete beginner or has been rocking out for a long time!
  • We provide outdoor play and fun music activities like games and movies. 
  • At the end of the session, a rock concert will be hosted at STL Rock School, where family and friends can attend to cheer on their loved ones.
  • Before and after camp care if needed!

STL Rock School summer camp provides one, and two-week camps on the following dates:

STL Summer Camp Dates:

  • Session 1 May 13-17
  • Session 2 May 20-24
  • Session 3 May 28- June 7
  • Session 4 June: 10-21
  • Session 5 June 24-July 5
  • Session 6 July: 8-19
  • Session 7 July: 22- Aug 2
  • Session 8 August: 5-9
  • Session 9 August: 12-16
  • Session 10: August 19-23

Camp Hours and Important Info.

  • 9 A.M. -2:30 P.M. Monday-Friday
  • 8:30 A.M.: Free before camp care
  • 2:30-5:30 P.M. Monday – Thursday After camp care. (No aftercare on Friday)
  • Campers need to bring a sack lunch
  • End-of-Camp Concert on the last day of the camp session!


You can sign the kids up for summer fun HERE! But hurry, spots are filling fast, and summer is right around the corner! 🤘🌞🤘

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