Quick singing lesson exercise

March 25, 2016

Rock school vocal instructor Emmoe Doniz provides a quick singing lesson in this short video. She shares a quick tip with this singing exercise to warm up your vocal chords and improve vocal accuracy. In this video, she will lead you through a few quick exercises from Page 17 of the “Sightsinging” vocal instruction booklet. Follow along with these two super simple exercise, repeating each phrase four times and checking your vocal pitch each time.

By repeating and practicing often, you are keeping your vocal chords limber and ready to perform. You also help train your ear to sing on pitch every time.

If you’re working with a child who is interested in singing practice and performance, there are a variety of games and apps available online to help train the ear to be on pitch, and to warm up those vocal chords. Happy Note is one free downloadable game that can help your child learn through quick singing lessons at home that are delivered as a fun game. This fun tool can be used to improve your singing at any age, but was specifically designed for children.

Interested in trying out vocal lessons? We offer private and group singing lessons starting at age 7. Contact us for more information or to schedule your lesson!