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Rock Band Classes in St. Louis

Have you ever wondered why your favorite music doesn’t sound like someone playing alone in their room? It’s because bands are the backbone of modern music! So why learn music by yourself when you can experience the thrill of playing in a band? At STL Rock School, our rock band programs are designed to take your musical skills to new heights, all while providing the opportunity to perform live at renowned local venues like Blueberry Hill, the Old Rock House, STL Art Fair, and more!

Ignite a Love for Music with Our Rock Band Classes

Rehearsal Time: Experience the exhilaration of weekly band rehearsals, where each session runs for 1.5 hours. We encourage students to arrive early and hang out with their bandmates, fostering a supportive and creative environment.

Band Selection: Our expert staff carefully curates bands based on age, proficiency, and personality. This personalized approach ensures that each student thrives and reaches their full potential. As students progress through the band levels, they earn additional performance time and exciting opportunities at our shows.

Song Selection: Each concert features a fun thematic program highlighting specific genres, decades, or iconic artists. Our goal is not only to create a unique atmosphere for each performance but also to introduce students to diverse and enriching music they may not have encountered before.

Exceptional Band Directors: Leading each band is one of our highly trained band directors equipped with proficiency in every instrument. These accomplished musicians not only guide the band musically but also foster essential communication, problem-solving, and leadership skills among band members. At STL Rock School, we specifically hire instructors who serve as mentors to our students.

Rock Band Classes in St. Louis – Unlock a World of Musical Adventure for Your Child

Enroll your child in STL Rock School’s Band Program and witness their musical journey flourish. They will develop lifelong skills, form lasting friendships, and experience the unparalleled excitement of performing live on stage. Don’t miss this opportunity to join a thriving community of passionate musicians.

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Ages 4-7: Kidzrock

Is your child interested in music, but you're not ready to commit yet to an instrument? Have him/her experience the thrill of performing in a rock band! Kidzrock is a nationally acclaimed music program that teaches ages 4-7 how to play an instrument in the setting of a rock band. Students in Kidzrock learn how to play drums, electric guitar, and keyboards as they prepare to play in a real rock concert! The fun rock band format and performance helps kids fall in love with music and feel good about their abilities. REHEARSAL TIME: 1 weekly 45-minute rehearsal.

Ages 7-11: Intro2Band

AGES 7-11 Remember spending a month just learning about finger positions when you took lessons? The objective of Intro2Band is to get kids up and playing music in a rock band on day one. This allows kids to experience the ultimate thrill of playing in a real performing band. How's that for awesome! REHEARSAL TIME: 1 weekly 1-hour rehearsal.

Ages 11-Adult: Rock Band

A student can expect their musical skills to grow by leaps and bounds once they are placed in one of the schools performing rock band programs. Plus – You get to play LIVE IN CONCERT at a local venue! Your child will be on stage at Blueberry Hill, the Old Rock House, the Ready Room, and more!
Our son has been going to STL Rock school since he was 7 years old and the lessons and band experiences has made him a confident child and a very talented musician. We love the family friendly atmosphere of Rock School and I always look forward to seeing what the kids come up with next. -Mike & Cheryl Johnson (parents)

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