Purchasing a Beginner Electric Guitar

December 15, 2015
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When purchasing an electric guitar for a beginner most parents would like to save some money. It is important to see if your child is going to stick with his or her musical journey. Searching for a guitar as someone who knows nothing about guitars can be a daunting task. When I speak to parents and tell them the price of what I suggest their child start on they are always surprised by the price. Many parents think getting their child a guitar is extremely expensive, this is not the case. Below I have listed a few instruments that I suggest to beginners.

Best Guitars for Beginners

Choosing to get lessons is where most of your initial money should be spent. You or your child will have a lifetime of exploring different and more expensive guitars as more and more skills are acquired. Avoiding trendy guitar designs that a child might outgrow in a year or two is also important. Designs with lightning bolts or flowers might lose their appeal as a child gets older. You should always bring your child into a store to try out several different guitars. Exploration will give them a good understanding of what the unique traits and feel of each guitar is.


3/4 size guitar:

3/4 Squire


I really like the Fender Squire series because they are at a great price and most importantly the intonation is very accurate for a ¾ size guitar. The guitar was made at the size it was for several reasons but one main reason is for intonation. It is hard to find ¾ guitars that are intonated properly. I find these Fenders to be pretty well made for a very cheap priced guitar.
I find most beginners that are a little older are always playing epiphone’s. These are just simply great guitars that last a very long time in your line-up. I know serious musicians who still stand by their epiphone from childhood. You will find nothing but glowing reviews for these guitars. If you are looking for a different body style other than a les paul, something more like the strat look then the full size version of the squire I have listed above is a great buy for a beginner.\

Full size guitar:

Epiphone Les Paul


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