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Music Production Lessons in St. Louis

Are you passionate about creating music? Just imagine being able to compose your own unique tracks, experiment with an extensive collection of professional sounds and instruments, and share your original creations with the world. Whether you’re interested in recording an indie-rock EP, crafting trap and drill beats, or producing music for video games, the music production lessons at STL Rock School provide top-of-the-line equipment, audio plugins, and knowledgeable instructors to help you unlock your full creative potential.

Top-Rated Music Production Lessons in St. Louis

What you will learn at STL Rock School’s Music Production Lessons:

  • Recording and Editing

In order to thrive as a music producer, it is crucial to acquire the necessary skills for recording and editing your work. You will be taught the fundamental techniques of recording audio, such as proper microphone placement, level setting, and achieving high-quality recordings.

  • Midi Programming and Beat Making

Learn how to record with thousands of professional-sounding virtual instruments, create beats, and build entire tracks using our MIDI controllers and recording software.

  • Mixing and Mastering

Learn the essential techniques of audio production, like EQ and compression, along with other crucial sound effects that can make a significant difference in enhancing the quality and clarity of your tracks.

  • FX and Processing

Our music production lessons go beyond basic mixing plugins to teach students about audio effects and processing. You’ll learn how to use effects like reverb, delay, chorus, and saturation to add depth, ambiance, and character to your recordings.

  • Songwriting and Arrangement

Master arrangement and composition techniques to create captivating music that sticks with people. Our program will teach you the skills to structure songs with captivating intros, verses, choruses, and bridges.

Why You Should Choose STL Rock School

Mix, Master, and Create With Our Music Production Lessons in St. Louis

Technology has transformed the music production industry, empowering musicians to create and share their work from the comfort of their own homes. However, the sheer volume of choices and techniques can be daunting and intimidating. With the help of STL Rock School’s music production lessons, you can confidently work towards achieving and even surpassing your musical visions. Our music production teachers are here to guide, support, inspire, and motivate you to reach your musical goals. So why wait? Enroll now and begin the path to musical greatness with STL Rock School.


Our son has been going to STL Rock school since he was 7 years old and the lessons and band experiences has made him a confident child and a very talented musician. We love the family friendly atmosphere of Rock School and I always look forward to seeing what the kids come up with next. -Mike & Cheryl Johnson (parents)

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