Lesson Length

November 16, 2015

Lesson Length

There are many different thoughts on how long a lesson should be. However there are several factors that can help you easily identify how long you or your child’s lesson should be. Consider these factors before scheduling your first lesson.


30 Minutes

  • Children around age 11 and below
  • Students who have never played before

If a student is just beginning to get familiar with their instrument they need to be spending time practicing. The beginning of developing your skill on an instrument can be a very slow process. It is crucial that the student keeps focused on only a few aspects of playing and spends time practicing these few skills to get up and playing. The attention span of younger children is obviously short, no secret there. Therefore keeping the lesson shorter is best in keeping the student engaged and excited about music. For students that have never played before there are only so many techniques and aspects of music to tackle before there just has to be practice time put in. Once an older student (teen to adult) is up on their feet playing and practicing is would be time to bump them up to a longer lesson length.  


60 Minutes

  • Children who are serious about playing
  • Teenagers
  • Adults

At this lesson length the student has to be practicing at home. 1 hour is enough time to work on several skills on the instrument. To take hour lessons the student has to be excited and want to excel at their instrument. 1 hour lessons are great for showing a student how they should be dividing up their practice time. It can be overwhelming for young musicians to practice because there is so much material to consider working on. In an hour long lesson most instructors will work on 3-4 skills. This is a great example of how to work at home when you decide to sit down and get some work done. Adults and teenagers alike can get quite a lot out of hour lessons as beginners as opposed to children. If you are a student seeking for more time or always asking more questions as you are walking out the door in your 30 minute, it’s time to move up to 1 hr.  

– Matt Maher

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