Join a Rock Band in St. Louis at STL Rock School

January 30, 2024

Join a Rock Band in St. Louis at STL Rock School

We are thrilled to reach out to you and share an exciting opportunity for your child to embark on a musical journey with one of our many band programs here at the school.

Our band programs are designed to ignite a passion for music and foster a collaborative and supportive environment for young musicians. Playing in a band not only enhances musical skills but also builds teamwork, communication, and confidence beyond the stage.

Join a rock band in St. Louis at STL Rock School - 1305 Baur Blvd Olivette 63132

Here’s a brief overview of the different band levels we offer, tailored to suit various age groups:


Welcome to the exciting world of Kidzrock at STL Rock School! Our Kidzrock class is a unique band experience for budding musicians aged 4-6. In this dynamic program, young rock stars can learn guitar, piano, drums, and singing while having a blast in a band setting. They’ll not only master the basics of these instruments but also enjoy the thrill of performing in actual concerts in St. Louis venues. Kidzrock is where the love of music and the magic of collaboration begin – it’s the perfect stage for your child’s musical journey!


Introducing our Intro2Band program at STL Rock School, where the magic of music truly takes flight! Geared towards young musicians aged 7-11, Intro2Band is the next step in their musical journey. In this class, students delve deeper into the world of rock and roll, honing their skills on guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, and vocals.

Jr. Concert Band

Step into the spotlight with our Jr. Concert Band at STL Rock School, the natural progression for young musicians who’ve honed their skills in our Intro2Band program. Tailored for students ready to take their musical journey to the next level, the Jr. Concert Band offers an exhilarating experience for young musicians. In this program, students build upon the foundation they’ve acquired, mastering their chosen instruments – guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, or vocals.

Concert Band

Step into the world of musical excellence with our Concert Band program at STL Rock School. In Concert Band, we empower young musicians to become true virtuosos. They’ll continue to refine their skills on guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, or vocals, delving deeper into music theory and performance techniques. This program challenges their technical abilities and nurtures their creative expression and leadership within a band.

All-Star Band

Welcome to the pinnacle of musical achievement at STL Rock School – our All-Star Band! This elite program is exclusively crafted for our most exceptional and dedicated students, ready to take their musical journey to unparalleled heights. The All-Star Band is the dream destination for budding rock stars who have honed their skills and are prepared to showcase their musical prowess. Comprising of our school’s best and brightest talents, this band is a true testament to the power of dedication and collaboration. Our All-Stars master their chosen instruments – guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, or vocals – and shine as soloists and team players.

Young All-Star Band

Unleash the young musical prodigies at STL Rock School in our Young All-Star Band! This prestigious program is exclusively designed for our extraordinarily gifted and passionate young musicians, ready to shine brightly in the world of music. The Young All-Star Band is where talent meets its future. Despite their young age, these budding rock stars are exceptional instrumentalists and vocalists who have honed their skills with dedication and enthusiasm. In this program, our young talents master their chosen instruments – guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, or vocals – while experiencing the thrill of collaboration within a band.

Adult Rock Band

Rock out with our Adult Rock Band at STL Rock School! It’s always possible to live your musical dreams. Our Adult Rock Band is where parents and adults of all ages can join in on the fun and experience the thrill of playing in a real band. This program offers a unique opportunity for adults to explore their musical talents, whether they are beginners or experienced musicians. You can choose from guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, or vocals to learn or polish your skills in a relaxed and supportive environment.

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Our dedicated instructors are skilled musicians and are passionate about nurturing each child’s musical talents. We believe in creating a positive and inclusive atmosphere where every young musician can thrive.

Enrolling your child in one of our band programs is not just about learning to play an instrument; it’s about being part of a community with a love for music. The benefits extend beyond the classroom, impacting academic performance and personal growth.

Take advantage of this fantastic opportunity for you or your child to join our rock band family. Secure your spot now by visiting our website or contacting our front desk at (314) 692-7625 to complete the enrollment process.

Thank you for considering STL Rock School for your child’s musical education. We look forward to welcoming them into one of our band programs and witnessing their musical journey unfold.

Rock on!

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