Guitar Lessons: Guitar Pedal Review with Matt Maher

May 12, 2015

In this blog I will be reviewing two pedals on my guitar pedal board which I believe make my set-up very unique. These two guitar pedals are the Joe Satriani Time Machine Delay from Vox, and the Super Shifter PS-5 from Boss. These two pedals are very easy to over abuse because of simply how fun they are!

The Time Machine:

guitar-lessons-time-machine-joe-satriani-voxThis digital delay pedal has several unique aspects separating itself from any other digital delay on the market. First of all you are able to fine tune your delay time down to the MS. This pedal also allows you to adjust level and feedback to a point where the effect that can be achieved is just down right wild! This pedal also has both a hi-fi and lo-fi setting to achieve completely unique tones to help you find that exact sound you are looking for. There is also a quick switch to cut time or double time your delay. Finally the delay has a tap tempo option. I use this pedal more than I’d like to admit but if you’re in the market for delay pedals this may be your holy grail!

The Super Shifter:

the-super-shifter-guitar-pedal-guitar-lessons-st-louisOk, let me make something very clear about this pedal. Chances are if you add it to your board you will begin to confuse and possibly annoy everyone you come into contact with musically. This pedal has some of the craziest, coolest and unique effects for such a small little pedal. This is pedal is just too much fun. Where to start… this pedals main purpose is to effect the pitch of your guitar, that being said I will start with the easier aspects of this pedal first

Pitch Shifter : This setting allows you to move the pitch of your guitar from -2 Oct to +2 Oct. Heres the real kicker you have complete control of how much of the pitch will actually be affected. EXAMPLE- say you want to throw a pitch effect and go an octave up. This pedal lets you distribute how much of that pitch effect you want in your guitar. I love splitting this effect at 50% and making my guitar sound like a Synth.

Harmonist: This setting is exactly like the pitch shifter only now were are dealing with harmonies.

T. Arm: This is where things get real wild. This effect allows you to play a note, then trigger the effect which will send your signals pitch to any pitch destination you set for it (-2 Oct to +2 Oct) as well control the speed at which it arrives at the destination pitch. I mainly use this effect at a climactic point in a solo, creating a almost “screaming” sound to my guitar.

Flutter: Last but not least is the flutter effect. This effect is very similar to the T. Arm. The main difference is that the flutter effect will return to its original pitch as opposed to staying at the destination pitch. I use this effect mainly for tension in a guitar solo.