COVID-19 Plans

Effective immediately, STL Rock School is pausing all in-person band & lessons at the school. We will be reviewing our return date as progress is made on the virus, and we will be sure to keep you updated. All of our lessons will be held through Zoom. The app is available for download on iOS & Android, and is also available through your web browser. 

If you are currently enrolled in private lessons, your video lesson will be held at your regularly scheduled time. 

If you are currently enrolled in band, we are offering small private lessons to everyone. We will be offering current band times, as well as additional times throughout the day. You can sign up for a band lesson below:

To video chat:
Download Zoom
Click Join a Meeting

Enter your instructor’s Meeting ID:
Marty Aubuchon – 636 508 0614
Adam Beck – 728 638 8981
Jack Catalanotto – 404 165 9540
Jared Erlinger – 832 259 9470
Abbey Havens – 374 470 5358
Gill Hermelin – 745 108 4441
Lance Hueston – 319 556 1071
Blake Mickens – 366 809 0083
Jordan Paine – 636 779 8782
Hannah Rainey – 684 616 4761
Devin Smith – 597 613 5784
Trisha Tamblyn – 845 550 3352

Student Assignments and Resources can be found by clicking HERE.

If you’re looking for something fun to do, we’re posting fun games & challenges on Facebook and Instagram. Let’s try and give our students some semblance of normalcy during this time. We’re here to help!


Please visit: