Concert Lineup

Below are student arrival and show time estimates for the Best of 21st Century Rock at The Old Rock House on December 16, 2018. All show time estimates are subject to change.

We aim to provide an amazing concert experience for all of the kids performing. We ask that you to stay for the duration of the 1-1.5 hour concert to cheer on all of the kids and make this a day they’ll never forget.

Format: Teacher Band Level – Band Name – Students (Rehearsal Time)

GROUP A (KIDZROCK) ARRIVE 12:00. Showtime 12:15 – 12:45PM
Kara Kidzrock – Rainbow Fish – Jacob S, Peyton B (Rehearses Sun. 3:00)
Hannah Kidzrock – Red Bobcats – Alex D, Giovanni C, Andy H, Levi O (Rehearses Thur. 5:15)
Hannah Kidzrock – Blue Tigers – Dylan N, Max B, David C, Avery B, Katia G (Rehearses Sun. 2:15)

GROUP B (KIDZROCK) ARRIVE 12:35. Showtime 12:50-1:30PM
Devin Kidzrock – Yellow Barracudas – Drake V, Jaxen R (Rehearses “Tue. 5:15)
Devin Kidzrock – Purple Heel Monsters – Vincent B, Parker T, Alexander R, Ward B (Rehearses Wed. 4:30)
Devin Kidzrock – The Red Tornadoes – Everett W, Phillip A, Maya A, Samuel G (Rehearses Sat. 11:15)
Marty Kidzrock – Pink Piranhas – Andrew S, Nate D, Jocelyn S, Leo B, George D (Rehearses Thur. 4:15)

GROUP C ARRIVE 1:25. Showtime 1:40-2:40
Marty Jrz – 53xCool – Harper H, Edy A, Evan J, Luke J, Penny W (Rehearses Sat. 3:00)
Devin Jrz – The Three Amigos – Max J, Greyson B, Caleb D (Rehearses Mon. 5:30)
Devin JCB – Girl Chat – Gabriella K, Elyse B, Isabella K, Grace F, Noa S (Rehearses Mon. 4:00)
Devin CB – Aerocab – Kate S, Storey S, Madison N, William T (Rehearses Sat. 12:00)
Devin JRZ – The No Name of Dysfunction – Aleksandr F, Will P, Alex B, William P (Rehearses Thurs 6:00)

GROUP D ARRIVE 2:40. Showtime 3-4
Adam Jrz – Swat Shot – Hank D, Ethan K, Patrick McN, Teddy K, Sam S (Rehearses Wed. 4:30)
Devin Jrz – One Air – Liam C, Miles McG. Aiden C, Noah P (Rehearses Wed. 7:00)
Devin Jrz – Battle Scars – Myles P, Crosby D, Max F (Rehearses Thur. 4:30)
Devin Jrz – Big Boys – Matthew F, Nolan M, Stratton S (Rehearses Mon. 6:30)
Tom Jrz – Spider-bats – Evan A, Eban J, Haiden C, (Rehearses Sun. 3:00)

GROUP E ARRIVE 3:45. Showtime 4:00-5:15
Todd JCB – Typical – Ben S, Daniel S, Matt S, Emily B (Rehearses Wed. 4:00)
Todd Jrz – The Megladon – Keller S, Nico W, Hewson LaC (Rehearses Tue. 4:30)
Todd JCB – The Bombers – Duncan H, Milo W, Reyes A (Rehearses Sat. 2:00)
Dave Jrz – The Electric Eagles – Sive L, Connor M, Bodhi K, Molly L (Rehearses Mon 4:30)
Jack JRZ – The Good Moves – Josie L, Elliot S, Hailey H, Jack L, Chava C (Rehearses Thurs 6:00)

GROUP F ARRIVE 5:00. Showtime 5:15-6:35
Jack CB – Celery Killers – Jacob R, Valerie W, Alex G, Anthony C (Rehearses Mon. 5:30)
Jared ASB – The Troublemakers – Connor J, Josh R, Ethan M, Adam W, Levi S (Rehearses Mon. 5:00)
Jack CB – Gank – Geddy R, Tess J, Grant H, Owen S (Rehearses Wed. 5:30)
Jack ASB – Fat Doug – Ethan W, Ryan M, Ethan F, Zach L (Rehearses Wed. 7:00)

Free poster included with the concert fees! Posters will be available at the show for pickup and autograph signing.

If this is your first concert, below are some tips for getting prepared.
Ask your band director if you have performance questions:

Tune at home.
Arrive early.
Seek out band director.
20 minutes before the performance, the band should be hanging together.
Tune backstage.
Walk on stage. Plugin. Unmute amp. Check signal. Don’t play. Don’t adjust amp levels.
Space yourselves out on stage.
If you can’t hear yourself tell band director.
Rehearse change overs to other instruments to minimize time.
Mute amp, unplug walk off.