Matt’s Fingerpicking Exercises

Fingerpicking exercises with Matt     This instructional video features one of Dave Simon’s Rock School’s experienced instructors, Matt Maher. During this video, Matt explains fingerpicking exercises that are perfect for beginner guitar students. Fingerpicking is a great way to start to practice playing the guitar with just your fingers and without a pick. Playing … Continue reading “Matt’s Fingerpicking Exercises”


Guitar Lesson with Adam Beck This is a simple and easy lesson for guitarists of all skill levels. The minor pentatonic scale is a 5-note scale derived from the natural minor scale. It is often used in rock and blues as a scale for improvised solos. This is a fun and easy scale to learn. … Continue reading “ADAM’S MINOR PENTATONIC LESSON”

James’ Tuning Tutorial

Guitar Tuning Tutorial Tune a Guitar Don’t Tune-a-Fish with James Shiliday   Tuning your guitar is a must know skill. You can’t always rely on your tuner if the battery goes dead! Tuning also helps fine tune (no pun intended) your ears. This Guitar Tuning tutorial is great for beginner guitarists who have not yet … Continue reading “James’ Tuning Tutorial”

Drum Rudiment Exercise – Keith’s Paradiddle Tips

Drum Lesson on Drum Rudiment Sticking Patterns by Keith Bowman In this instructional video you will see one of Dave Simon’s Rock School’s experienced drum instructors, Keith Bowman. In this drum lesson, Keith Bowman explores this classic drum rudiment/sticking pattern that will add flare and finesse to your drumming. There are multiple sticking patterns but this one is … Continue reading “Drum Rudiment Exercise – Keith’s Paradiddle Tips”

Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Camp at Rock School

Summer Time is Here Each spring we often get asked a few questions: Q: “How do lessons work in the summer?” A. Rock School is open year-round and we do not close during the summer. We are offering 2 options for students who miss their standard lessons time over the summer: 1) Students in band … Continue reading “Frequently Asked Questions about Summer Camp at Rock School”

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