The Role Of The Drummer

Drums are loud, powerful rhythm machines designed to keep everyone in the band playing together. The drummer’s role is not simply keeping time (although that certainly is a big part of it), it’s also to lead the entire band! If a band were a train, the drummer would be the engineer, keeping everything on track … Continue reading “The Role Of The Drummer”

Drum Rudiment Exercise – Keith’s Paradiddle Tips

Drum Lesson on Drum Rudiment Sticking Patterns by Keith Bowman In this instructional video you will see one of Dave Simon’s Rock School’s experienced drum instructors, Keith Bowman. In this drum lesson, Keith Bowman explores this classic drum rudiment/sticking pattern that will add flare and finesse to your drumming. There are multiple sticking patterns but this one is … Continue reading “Drum Rudiment Exercise – Keith’s Paradiddle Tips”

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