Campers Make Rock ‘n’ Roll History

July 25, 2018

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The Pencil Sharpeners was formed in 1987 in the great city of New York. When the band first came together they didn’t have any money to buy instruments. Instead, they played a lamp, chair and a bed.  The band members lived together in Daniel’s house and played music into the night. Their next-door neighbor said the music sounded like a screeching liger. The band saved up some money by knocking on doors asking neighbors if they needed a Starbucks shift manager to work around the house. The band saved up $1 and bought some real instruments.  After 2,230 months of hard practice, the band was asked to play a concert with Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  They were an instant hit.  The band was approached by the president of Snookus Bookus Records who just so happened to be in the audience.  That night they signed a record deal for $7,100.  The band released their first hit single later that year called “Avocado for Breakfast”. After summer camp the band plans on going on tour to play in Wal-Marts across Minnesota.

Sketchy P returns home to Salt Lake City after playing sold out Amazon stores across Switzerland. Their plane landed in New York to be greeted by a mob of screaming great aunts and great great uncles. Band members were whisked off in the Metrolink to hold a press conference. Despite a successful tour, rumors spread on social media about tensions growing in the band. Band members Epley and Caden apparently got into a food fight on stage throwing pieces of potato chip at each other. A rogue piece got stuck in Sam’s hair which required a 0.05-hour operation to remove. The group’s lead ocarina, Gabe said the food removal procedure was a success. The remaining band member(s) Juliana and Tyler said this was worse than the handstand contest the two had on stage in Floopin, Kentucky. The band heads back into the study this fall to work with the legendary producer Tasmanian Devil. It’s expected to be the most anticipated album of 2018.

music lessons st. louisEvery American under the age of 1 remembers where they were when they saw Crazy Skillet perform on the Darth Vader Show in Iowa. You could barely hear the music over all the screaming teenage albino lions. Crazy Skillet landed at Squabble Wabble Airport earlier that same morning. The band was greeted by fans singing their number 8 single “I spilled toilet water on my pasta” Crazy Skillet was whisked off on a unicycle for a live interview on radio station ABN. President Minnie Mouse called the radio station to say ciao to the band and said he/she was their number one fan. That night all of America gathered around their knives to watch this historic musical moment. Kids across the country sang Flarkaloop, Flupaloop, Darpaloop as Crazy Skillet shake, rattled and rolled their way into rock n roll history.