Summer Camp Kick Off

June 18, 2018

Summer camp is off to a great start with an awesome group of kids. Be sure to check out some summer camp pics of your kids by visiting our facebook page. Share and like with family and friends.

Got 2 Go (G2G)

camp st. louis kids

Marty Aubochon is the band director for G2G (Got 2 Go) Zach L, Anthony C, Ethan F and Grant H. The band has started playing a song by Silversun Pickups and All-Star by Smashmouth.

These songs are coming together quickly. Not bad for a days work



I Don’t Know (IDK)

school of rock

Tom Watkins is the band director for I Don’t Know (IKD) Ian S, Norah M, Kumby C and Charlie B. They are working on Come Together by The Beatles and the 70’s. Superstition by Stevie Wonder! The band is choosing a band name tomorrow.

Both bands participated in rhythm workshops  The first workshop involved percussion and rhythm challenges. So nice to see how quickly the kids all picked up on this.  These percussion and rhythm workshops will help refine their skills on their instrument.


Our school’s founder, Dave Simon’s, conducted the “Space Jam” workshop with  Zach, Anthony, Ethan and Grant. Space Jam removes the barriers of song structure and allows kids to freely improv entire group.

Stay tuned for more updates




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