Buying Your First Guitar

October 16, 2020

Buying Your First Guitar

Determine your budget. Since this blog is referring to a beginner, try to keep your budget low. Around $75-$300 for any guitar. Used guitars are great as well, so check your local pawn shops or used dealers. There are also great packages that come with small amps if you decide to go with an electric guitar.

Decide if you are going to play an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar. It depends on the style you want to play. Electric is versatile and generally an easier instrument to start on. Acoustic guitars can be hard to play as a beginner considering they require more finger strength than the electric.

Shop. Always play the guitar before you buy it, this is the number one mistake I see so many beginners make. Just because a guitar looks “cool” does not mean it plays well and vice versa.

Get guitar lessons. Books and video lessons such as youtube are a great source for knowledge in the guitar world. However one on one time is of much higher value. Always seek out any resources to further educate yourself but private lessons from experts are key to developing your technique and yourself into a great guitar player.

Here is a great example of a starter pack for under 300$ with a quality beginner guitar.
Fender Beginner Guitar Set Up