Buying Your First Guitar

So you just started guitar lessons in St. Louis but have no idea what to buy. Please don’t fret about it! STL Rock School can help you find the perfect guitar for your budding rock star. Our owner Jared is happy to share everything he knows about buying your first guitar! What’s Your Guitar Budget? … Continue reading “Buying Your First Guitar”

STL Summer Camp 2023: A Day In The Life

STL Summer Camp 2023 Finding a summer camp that teaches music is a fantastic way for children to grow emotionally and socially. Campers discover new musical talents and create bonds with bandmates that can last a lifetime (playing in a rock band has that effect!) After a long hiatus from everyday social life, our children … Continue reading “STL Summer Camp 2023: A Day In The Life”

Music Lessons vs. Music Video Games

I have learned from several of my students that they spend about two hours playing video games almost every day. This is quite a decent chunk of time in someone’s day to spend on leisurely activities. Therefore, we have to assess the value of playing a music video game in a child’s musical development. There … Continue reading “Music Lessons vs. Music Video Games”

Getting Started: Overdrive / Distortion / Fuzz Pedals

You know the sound of Rock guitar: loud, crunchy, sustained, saturated, and distorted. This effect has been around as long as guitars have been plugged into amplifiers. How was it achieved? They took a small amplifier and cranked the volume until the sound started to “break up,” producing a loud, warm, crackly sound; Perfect for … Continue reading “Getting Started: Overdrive / Distortion / Fuzz Pedals”

Are 30 Minute or 60 Minute Music Lessons More Beneficial?

Deciding on how long your child’s lesson length is can determine how well they will learn their instrument and stick to it! Many factors can determine how long a lesson should be, so consider these factors before scheduling your child’s first lesson. 30 Minute Lesson Great for younger children (elementary and younger) Students who have … Continue reading “Are 30 Minute or 60 Minute Music Lessons More Beneficial?”

Buying Your First Guitar

Buying Your First Guitar Determine your budget. Since this blog is referring to a beginner, try to keep your budget low. Around $75-$300 for any guitar. Used guitars are great as well, so check your local pawn shops or used dealers. There are also great packages that come with small amps if you decide to … Continue reading “Buying Your First Guitar”

The Benefits of 60 Minute Music Lessons

  The Benefits of 60 Minute Music Lessons   Most music studios offer either 30 minute or hour-long music lessons. These two lesson types each make for a completely different experience.  Younger children with shorter attention spans are better suited for 30-minute music lessons.  Older children tend to be better at focusing,  listening, and sticking … Continue reading “The Benefits of 60 Minute Music Lessons”

The Role Of The Drummer

Drums are loud, powerful rhythm machines designed to keep everyone in the band playing together. The drummer’s role is not simply keeping time (although that certainly is a big part of it), it’s also to lead the entire band! If a band were a train, the drummer would be the engineer, keeping everything on track … Continue reading “The Role Of The Drummer”

The Role Of A Guitar Player

We can’t imagine rock music without the electric guitar; this truly is one of the most iconic rock and roll instruments of all time. But what role does the guitar play in a band? What are guitar players supposed to do? In a time before rock music, the guitar player was a member of the … Continue reading “The Role Of A Guitar Player”

Campers Make Rock ‘n’ Roll History

The Pencil Sharpeners was formed in 1987 in the great city of New York. When the band first came together they didn’t have any money to buy instruments. Instead, they played a lamp, chair and a bed.  The band members lived together in Daniel’s house and played music into the night. Their next-door neighbor said … Continue reading “Campers Make Rock ‘n’ Roll History”