I think what’s even more important than a music education is the life-changing experiences students have at Rock School. It is amazing to watch an 8-year old struggling through their first guitar lesson and then see that same person a year later playing in a rock band to a cheering crowd. This process if full of life lessons, challenges and rewards. It’s always an emotional moment for both student and parent when a student plays their first Rock School concert.It is a moment of maturity and empowerment. That is what rock ‘n roll is all about. – Dave Simon

Testimonials From Our Customers

Rock School Summer Camp ROCKED! My daughter said she had an “amazing” day, every day.  As a parent, I loved the laid back atmosphere coupled with serious work – my daughter’s band learned 4 songs! Us middle-aged folk also want Rock School Summer Camp.

-Hristina Schlaggar

Ava began her Rock Band journey at Rock School over four years ago! This program is wonderful especially for kids that are shy! Total confidence-boosting program! We highly recommend!

– Sara Irlbeck

As we are in the car listening to Led Zeppelin, my 18 year old son recognizes the song and says,” Rock School is where I loved to learned to love music and was an essential part of who I am today. It really shaped who I am today as a composer and musician ” Thanks to all at rock school

– Molly Sheehan Szweda

My twin girls absolutely love it. They don’t even realize how much they are truly learning and mom and dad get to listen to them practice good music!

– Mandi Kuhn

My son’s self esteem has gone through the roof since starting drums at Rock School! The staff is outstanding, and friendly. Communication between staff and parents is wonderful! Thank you Rock School!

– Kristen Mueller

Our kids have been going to Rock School for 4 years now. The staff is so friendly and our children have really grown their musical talents. Watching my son play in a band at Blueberry Hill, Plush and even Mile 277 is my favorite day of the year.

– Mike Johnson

My 13 year old sister had her birthday party at the Rock School, and I could not be more satisfied with the facilities, the stuff and the equipment provided. If I could give more than 5 stars I wouldn’t hesitate. Highly recommended.

– Leib Smason

Rock School has been a fantastic and fun way for my son to turn a mild interest in guitar into a true passion that he is dedicated to mastering. The school’s environment, instructor’s and Dave himself, have been supportive and have nurtured my son’s talent. I tell everyone I know about the Dave Simon Rock School and what a great asset it is to aspiring musicians!

– Suzanne Sierra Sewell

Attending Rock School opened the door for my son to his true passion. He had always been interested in music but Rock school made it fun; unlike school orchestra.

– Jody Liebman

In Rock School I gained the confidence to start singing and writing my own music. I now have over a dozen copyrighted songs, perform in various venues and have produced and released 2 CD’s. Because of Rock School I will be majoring in music and making it my career.

– Drew Raskas

Rock School has very good teachers that know what they are doing and the building is really nice, and they are very cheap compared to a lot of other places.

– Nick Earhart

Rock School: They never hassle me about hanging out on their couch for hours and using their power for my laptop. In fact, I’m there right now!

– Kevin Gaussoin

I like Rock School because it gives me the feeling of being in a real rock band. I am learning new music and making new friends. Rock School is giving me a musical challenge that I wouldn’t have in just lessons. It’s great.

– Jack Roth

Right now, our basement is bursting with five Rock School recruits who have organized their own Sunday afternoon jam session. This group would not know each other at all were it not for you.And they certainly wouldn’t know what to do together as a fivesome if they had not met you, and Rock School.

– Faith Sandler

My son is a much happier person when he’s attending Rock School. It’s you and your staff that have done so much more for him than just the musical aspect of it. Believe me I am very grateful to you for that.

– Tess Matthews

The BEST music school in St. Louis. I can personally recommend this place; there are excellent teachers, mentors, and everyone there is very helpful and professional. Your child will feel comfortable in this surrounding as they’ll be around their peers going through the same issues. Music is a powerful learning tool, and when you learn how to play instruments you become a better student in school. As a parent, this an awesome way to help your child in their core classes and they’ll have fun and not even realize the full outcome. If music class “within” school were more like Dave Simon’s school, I guarantee your kids would be brighter students with a motivation to return to school.

– Tessa Smith

(Rock School is a)Brilliant program. Massive confidence booster for kids!

– JB Anderson

THIS PLACE STILL ROCKS!!! I would not consider sending my kids anywhere else for music. The atmosphere is so much fun that you never feel like you’re dragging them off to yet another “chore” or boring lesson. A special shout out to Jared who knows everything that’s going on all the time with everyone everywhere and has an endearing giggle.

– Liberty Bishop

“My son has had a fantastic experience and gained confidence at Rock School. We’re so pleased with the quality of instruction and band opportunities he has had over the years

– Andrea Brockmann

Can’t say enough about Rock School. It’s a very cool program for guitar, drums, bass and piano. Their rock band program is really what makes this place great. My daughter took guitar lessons for about a year and finally tested into Rock Band 101. She takes a test every semester which determines her ranking in the school. She is now trying to test into the next level band. Her “BFF” is taking drum lessons at rock school and is hoping to test into a band soon. They also put on entertaining concerts and record CD’s.

– Brian J

This is not the movie but a real school of rock.  Very cool rock band program but they also offer guitar lessons, drums, piano and summer camps. I highly recommend Dave Simon’s

– Keri A

My daughter was skeptical about attending camp here, but raved about how much she learned and how much fun she had!!!

– Tanya C

Your amazing staff has really helped my son discover his passion. Thank you for nurturing his love of music and giving him the tools he needs to grow as a musician.

– Marissa Rosen

Rock School was a great experience for not only my kids but for the entire family. Dave and his staff have had such a positive impact on my kids and their love of music. I refer people to Rock School whenever the topic of music education comes up.

– Arnie Hermelin